Instructions: You are required to respond to each of the discussion questions. You are not required to use an outside source for your response; however, if you do use an outside source you are expected to properly cite it as a reference based on APA standards – both as an intext citation and reference at the end of your response.  Failure to properly cite a reference may result in a point deduction and / or viewed as plagiarism.

Book: Carper’s Understanding the Law ISBN: 9781305177307

1. Discussion question one based on chapter one:  Discuss the various modern sources of U.S. Law.

2.         Discussion question two based on chapter two:  Discuss what is constitutional law.

3.         Discussion question three based on chapter three:  What is jurisdiction and discuss the various types of jurisdiction.

4.         Discussion question four based on chapter six:  Define the term crime and discuss the elements of a crime. Also, define and explain corpus delicti.

5.         Discussion question five based on chapter seven:  Define a tort and explain what an intentional tort is and address the defenses to negligence.

6.         Discussion question six based on chapter twelve:  Discuss sexual harassment in the workplace and the types of sexual harassment.

7.         Discussion question seven based on chapter fifteen:  Define estate planning and describe the major concerns in planning an estate.