Instructions: As effective as antipsychotic medications can be, they can also have serious side effects. In this discussion, you will identify potential side effects associated with antipsychotic medications (both first- and second-generation antipsychotics).

Based on the first initial of your last name, address the following in your initial post:

  1. A–H:
    • Identify the potential extrapyramidal symptoms associated with antipsychotics and explain how you differentiate between each of the extrapyramidal symptoms
    • What difference (if any) do first generation vs second generation antipsychotics have on these potential side effects?
    • What risk factors (such as age, gender, race, and so on), if any, are there for the various types of extrapyramidal symptoms? Give two) examples of medications that are highly likely to have this side effect profile and two medications that are less likely to impact this side effect profile (four medications total)
    • Identify at least one assessment/monitoring tool you can use in clinical practice to evaluate for these side effects.
    • What should you do if a patient displays these side effects or what strategies are available to manage these side effects? Include a clinical practice guideline for either the identification of or management/treatment of these side effects.