Pick a piece of domestic architecture. The most likely space might be the home you live in, but you could also choose to discuss a friend’s home or the home of a relative. Focus on the building’s interior space. Describe the space, and be very mindful of how the space is divided, and the effect that is achieved by this division. Does it serve its function as a domestic space? How does it do so? Is the space homey and welcoming? Is it cramped and uncomfortable? Is it a bright and open feeling? Does it feel rundown and in need of change or updating? Does it feel unremarkable, or does it feel unique (remember this assignment has to do with the space itself and not any furnishings or persons associated with the space)? Remember that the interior space is completely a creation of the building and its properties.

Next, choose another space you inhabit regularly, and one that you especially enjoy inhabiting. Compare this to your domestic interior. What is the space’s function? How is the interior structured? How is it similar or different from your domestic interior? If you prefer one over the other, why? If you enjoy both, is this based on some similarity, or do they simply achieve their goals in different ways? Again, be sure to focus your discussion on the space itself and not the things in that space, although the degree to which a building or room may feel open or crowded can be affected by things within it.