Workplace Evaluation Infographic

Instructions: Identify how art benefits wellness and creativity in the community and workplace. Scenario You just opened a small company and got your first contract to design a new product. You divided your employees up into two teams of three to see who could come […]

Art Event for Workplace Colleagues

Competency Utilize art elements in real-world contexts and the workplace. Scenario Your workplace has a line in its budget for team building events outside of work. In the past, your supervisor has passed out free tickets to minor league baseball games, passes to an amusement […]

Corporate Art Collection Proposal

Competency Apply strategies for evaluating different art forms in various contexts. Scenario Your workplace has built a parking deck. The ground level is unusable for cars due to clearance issues. The company you work for recently heard that it can receive tax breaks if it […]

Timeline of Major Periods in Art

Question: Determine the historical impact of art on modern culture, society, and the workplace. Scenario Your local library has decided to hang artwork in its lobby. You volunteer at the library and heard that the director of the library plans to go to the mall […]

Grant Proposal Summary

Competency Identify the role of music, poetry, prose, and visual art in the modern world and workplace. Scenario You have been asked to be on the town’s board of Cultural Affairs. When you step into your new role, you quickly realize that the organization is […]

Play analysis

Question: Read/review the following resources for this activity: Textbook: Chapter 8 Play from the Internet, YouTube, DVD, iTunes, Amazon, Netflix, etc. 1 primary source (written version of selected play) text book – Jacobus, L.A., Martin, F.D. (2019). The humanities through the arts. NY, NY: McGraw-Hill. […]

Ancient Approaches 30,000-480 B.C.E.

Questions: From your reading and any additional research you have performed, had the role and purpose of art changed dramatically during the Stone Age? Survey the commonly recognized kinds of art, be specific about any changes to each kind, and support your position with evidence […]

Media of the Arts: Architecture, Literature, and Cinema

Assignment: Answer these essay questions: Consider the role of an “art museum”. Based on your reading from the textbook as well as additional work you may do on the Internet, compare and contrast the success of the Museo Soumaya in Mexico City, the Solomon R. […]