Aviation Risk

Answer this question and support your answer with research from reputable sources  Why can’t we completely eliminate risk from  aviation operation?

Airport self-inspection programs

Instructions: Do you have a firm grasp on the importance of airport self-inspection programs? Research and describe the benefits of a strong airport self-inspection program as outlined in 14 CFR Part 139. How can technology and/or incorporation of SMS assist with this issue? Answer: Airport […]

Cognitive Overload and Situational Awareness

Question: For this assignment, you will need to locate two multi-crew, commercial aviation accident reports. For the first report, the accident must have been attributed to cognitive overload on the part of the operators. Identify which type of error was the primary cause and indicate […]

COVID-19 impact on air travel

Question: According to the Los Angeles Mayor the airline industry recover for the LA area will take longer than after 9/11.  Please research the Airline industry recovery after 9/11 and post a one page position paper describing how you agree or disagree with this position […]

Trip Analysis Exercise

Question: Your company, based in Waco, Texas, has been looking for an expansion opportunity on the West Coast. A property has just come on the market in Oregon, and your company needs to move fast. The company requires that you and three colleagues travel to […]

Environmental Impact

Question: In 2012, the U.S. passed a bill into law prohibiting “operators of civil aircraft of the United States from participating in the European Union’s emissions trading scheme.” That action threatened agreements allowing U.S. carriers’ continued operation in EU airspace.  In a paper briefly explain […]

Tarmac delays

Question: A few isolated incidents involving air carrier irregular operations have necessitated governmental intervention into the area of passengers’ rights. Occasionally, situations can arise where ground (tarmac) delays occur either before takeoff or after landing. Takeoff delays could be caused by severe weather in the […]

Southwest Airline-Safety

Question: Read the following article about Southwest Airlines and their safety processes.  https://www.forbes.com/sites/danielreed/2020/02/12/southwest-airlines-faa-inspectors-safety/#6696d522f947 (Links to an external site.). After reading, please describe the 4 pillars of SMS and how Southwest Airlines could have better utilized these pillars to strengthen their safety processes? Answer: Safety assessments examine […]


Question: During a walkaround to the aircraft describe everything you see and explain the purpose of it and how many static electricity wicks should be installed in the aircraft Learjet-45? Answer: Static energy is produced during a flight…….

Human-Centric Design in Aviation

Question: Human factors engineers and specialists work with varying sizes of humans in a variety of design situations. The Human Factors Design Guide are specifically developed to assist these professionals in their work. There is a long-standing discussion of whether the working environment should be designed to […]