Organizational Design, Structure, and Change Presentation

Instructions: Each year Fortune magazine publishes a “Most Admired” list of the top companies in the United States. Firms are rated on these eight dimensions: innovativeness, quality of management, long-term investment value, social responsibility to the community and the environment, people management, quality of products […]

Ethical dilemma and ethical lapse

Instructions: Explain the difference between an ethical dilemma and an ethical lapse. Answer: Ethical dilemma refers to the consideration of two moral decision while ethical lapse is the….

Business Ethics and Positive Social Change

Instructions: Identify and research a business ethics crisis for scandal. You may want to review Chapter 13 and Case 13 of Dyer, Godfrey, Jensen, and Bryce (2016) for ideas. Consider how a strategic decision can negatively impact social change and how infusing ethics into business […]

Simple Linear Regression

Instructions: Assume once again that you are a consultant who works for the Diligent Consulting Group. You are continuing to work on the analysis of the customer database Complete the following tasks in the assignment template: Create a scatterplot in Excel with “Annual Amount Spent […]

Forecasting methods

Instructions: In this discussion, you analyze the use of forecasting methods. How does your organization use forecasting? Does your organization use any of the methods we discussed in class? Give examples of how your organization utilizes these methods and evaluates their accuracy. Answer: Forecasting for […]

Analytical Report

Instructions: Evaluate different aspects of the broad external environment of Apple Inc. and the strength of the competitive forces in its major businesses. The essay should not exceed one page of typed material Answer: Apple Inc. is one of the most successful companies globally. Its […]

Stakeholder Engagement in Business Strategy Development

Instructions: Stakeholder engagement can mean the difference between success and failure for a particular project or for an entire organization. Ample research has been presented in the field of business on the benefits of stakeholder engagement in strategy development and management. By developing a foundational […]

McDonalds (McD), Johnson & Johnson (J&J)

Instructions: McDonalds (McD) Identify elements of McDs’ business-level strategy using course concepts and tools. How does the formulation and implementation of this strategy contribute to its economic performance? How might this strategy have to be changed to address some of the serious issues confronting McDs? […]

New media distribution sites

Instructions: Discuss current new media distribution sites that independent media creators use to distribute and monetize their works? Describe traditional media distribution channels that complement new media channels Describe the monetization methods of new media distribution channels? Identify metrics to measure success and set financial […]

YouTube as a new media

Instructions: Discuss how YouTube has changed the media distribution industry Discuss the usage of media channels other than YouTube Describe which types of content/media could be created to launch a successful YouTube channel Identify the specifications for creating a YouTube channel Analyze the various ways […]