Researcher positionality as a doctoral-level qualitative researcher

Using reflective writing as a critical thinking process, consider your researcher positionality as a doctoral-level qualitative researcher and offer a reflective discussion that encompasses four to five paragraphs. Reflect on the gains and challenges in this course experience, and evaluate the current state of your […]

Teaching Expectations

Instructions: For this assignment, you will answer the following questions. At what extent do individuals with varying cultural values perceive the term \”education\” in reflection to learning and obtaining knowledge? What are the expected roles of teaching in terms of meeting the needs of parents, […]

Learning styles

Instructions: Learning styles represent the different approaches to learning based on preferences, weaknesses, and strengths. For learners to best achieve the desired educational outcome, learning styles must be considered when creating a plan. Complete “The VARK Questionnaire,” located on the VARK website, and then complete […]

Reason, emotion and critical thinking

Question: Reason is the process of supporting a claim or conclusion on the basis of evidence. It involves both the disciplined use of intelligence and the application of rules for problem solving.  Emotion is the experience of feelings such as happiness, grief, or fear, as opposed to […]

Continuing Education Plan

Question: With a well thought out plan, you can achieve virtually any goal you set for yourself. And making a plan is crucial for continuing your education to build further skills and knowledge that can be applied to your work. For this assignment, you are […]

Smart Goals

Question: To ensure learning occurs during your field placement, you will be asked to write two professional learning objectives and subsequently evaluate your level of achievement. This process provides a number of benefits: It illustrates to employers that students are serious about learning during the […]

Critical thinker

Questions: 1. What is the role of critical thinking in daily life?  2. Provide an example of a situation in your own life in which critical thinking could be used and discuss why critical thinking would be helpful in that situation. 3. At which of the 3 stages of cognitive development (dualism, relativism, […]

Learning program

Question: For this assignment, consider a learning program in which you currently teach or have taught. If you do not teach currently, consider a program you would like to develop or teach in the future. Then: 1.Write a description of the program. 2.Apply the principles […]