Close reading of a passage

The Assignment: Pick a passage from any of our first 10 stories that you feel is emblematic of that story (of its form and/or its themes), and then develop a structured close reading of three significant elements of that passage. This paper should be 2-3 pages […]

From Africa to America

Instructions: What did you learn that changed your thoughts, beliefs, or previous understanding of the subject matter presented in the chapter? How did this new knowledge or information change your previous thoughts, beliefs, or understandings? Use these considerations to craft a one paragraph “Aha! Moment” […]

Fictional narrative

Instructions: Write a fictional narrative about a superhero character in the narrative you helped this superhero in a given scenario or story 

Fiction and non-fiction

Question: Identify a character from both a fiction (Zitkala-Sa, Alexie’s \”Pawn Shop,\” Wright, or Ellison) and a nonfiction (Tecumseh, Jacobs, or Douglass) piece that we have read this week. First,show how the character is limited in his or her role in society (excluded from the American […]

Book review

Question: Write a 5-paragraph essay about the last book you read.  I want you to discuss the theme of the book and how it is implemented through the book.  You can look at character, plot, and settings.  I expect an analysis.  A thesis that contains […]

Literary movement

Question: Required Resources Read/review the following resources for this activity:   Textbook: Chapter 7, 8 Lesson  Minimum of 1 scholarly source (in addition to the textbook – for historical/political influences) text book –  Jacobus, L.A., Martin, F.D. (2019). The humanities through the arts. NY, NY: […]

Fiction/ Non-fiction

Question: Identify a character from both a fiction (Chopin or Glaspell) and a nonfiction piece (Sedaris or Bornstein) that we have read this week. First, show how the character is limited in his or her role in society (excluded from the American Dream), and then explain […]