The Normal Distribution

Instructions: Many variables in medicine follow a normal distribution where there are approximately an equal number of values below the mean as above the mean. Describe two variables that you work with that would probably follow a normal distribution. Also note which of the two […]

Organizing Data

Question: Information graphics often serve two purposes: helping researchers better understand the data they are analyzing and communicating analytic results to others. In this week’s assignment, you were asked to create histograms and frequency tables. Discuss how these graphics helped you assess skew and kurtosis […]

Graphing and Describing Data in Everyday Life

Question: Suppose that you have two sets of data to work with. The first set is a list of all the injuries that were seen in a clinic in a month’s time. The second set contains data on the number of minutes that each patient […]

Normal Data Distribution and Two-Variable Correlation Testing

Question: For this three-part assignment, complete the following, referring to the helpful links in Resources: Part 1: Graphic Representation of the Data From the Yoga Stress (PSS) Study Data Set 1.      Using the readings, media, and resources discussed to date, create a histogram or bar graph […]

Multiple Regression Report

Questions: Step 1 Write Section 1 of the DAA. Provide a context of the Regression Dataset. Specifically, imagine that you are a health researcher studying how well a measure of anxiety ( X1) and weight ( X2) predict systolic blood pressure ( Y) . In Section 1 of the DAA, […]

Forecasting Food and Beverage Sales

Question: Case Problem 3 – Forecasting Food and Beverage SalesThe vintage restaurant, on Captiva Island near Fort Myers, Florida, is owned andoperated by Karen Payne. The restaurant just completed its third year of operation.During that time, Karen sought to establish a reputation for the restaurant […]

Data collection plan

Question: This assignment is a PowerPoint presentation of your intended data collection and analysisplan. The focus is on developing a clear vision of what should be done in a clinical scholarly project to collect, analyze and interpret data appropriately. Answer: Managed care by the nurse […]

Measures of Central Tendency and Variation

Question: For this Discussion, you will examine the central tendency and variability in terms of pulse rate. Find and record the pulse rate of 10 different people where you work. Tell us a little about the population from which you drew your data. Describe your […]