Question: The purpose of this assignment is to compare basic functions in Excel and SPSS to calculate descriptive statistics and use this information to describe the sample.

For this assignment, students will utilize Excel with the Data Analysis ToolPak and SPSS Statistics and the “Example Dataset” to complete the assignment. Refer to the Topic Materials for assistance with enabling the Data Analysis ToolPak on a Mac or PC.

Part 1:

Complete the following steps in both Excel and IBM SPSS Statistics.

  1. Calculate mean, median, and mode for the variables “Annual Income” and “Age.” Show the appropriate summary tables for these measures from both Excel and SPSS. Include the other descriptive statistics that are a part of the summary output in Excel and SPSS.
  2. Create histograms to show the distribution for “Annual Income” and “Age.” Copy and paste the histograms from Excel and export the histogram from SPSS into the Word document for this assignment.
  3. Create frequency tables that include counts and percentages for smoking status, employment status, exercise level, and education level. Show the tables in the Word document for this assignment.

Part 2:

Based upon the Part 1 activities, write a 250-500 word interpretation that addresses the following.

  1. Discuss the sampling strategy used in this study and if it resulted in a representative sample.
  2. Discuss what you are able to ascertain about the sample from the descriptive statistics.
  3. Explain what other variables the research team could have included to gain a better understanding of the population.

A local community organization was interested in learning about general health behaviors in the area and the relationships between health behaviors and environmental and social determinants. They decided to conduct a brief survey based on a convenient sample of people visiting the local shopping mall. They offered a $5 incentive for completing the survey. The Topic 1 Example dataset includes 30 observations from this survey. Use this data to complete the relevant assignments in this course.                                                        

Education Level                                                               

1              Less than High School                                    

2              Graduated High School                                 

3              Graduated College                                          Annual Income = US Dollars