1. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of alternative dispute resolution compared to litigation.
    If you were entering into a business contract which would you prefer to see in the contract? Why?
  1. Shoplifting is a very serious problem for retail store owners, with millions of dollars of merchandise stolen each year. Obviously, some shoplifters put clothing and other items under their clothes
    and then attempt to leave the store. Video cameras in every bathroom and dressing room would
    undoubtedly reduce successful shoplifting. Using rights principles of ethics, what ethical issues are
    raised by such action?
  2. Sally, 16 years old and unmarried, went to Hospital of the Good Shepherd with her mother. Unknown
    to her mother, Sally was pregnant and in labor. She was in extreme pain when she was admitted
    to the hospital and was told to just sign the medical treatment authorization form so she could be
    treated. Sally delivered a healthy baby, and both Sally and the baby were released the next day in
    good health. The hospital attempted to collect their bill from Sally’s insurance carrier but it only paid
    a portion of the costs. The hospital then sued Sally for the balance. Is Sally liable for the balance of
    the medical bill? Is Sally’s mother responsible?

Answer: Alternative dispute resolution reduces the costs associated with resolving rows…….