Instructions: In this task, you are required to produce data analysis presented in a Word document. You will produce charts/images in Excel, import them to the Word document, and discuss them as part of your answers. 

You are provided with three data sets in the assignment brief under the assessment week tile. 

Table 1: This is evidence of 360-degree feedback from employees on their line manager for Department A. A total of 256 responses were received, and 32 did not respond. 

Table 2: 360-degree feedback from customers relating to the performance of Department A. A total of 145 responses were received, and 256 did not respond. 

Annual performance review data for Department A (Referred to AC 3.4 only)

In preparing for the forthcoming department heads meeting, your manager has asked you to prepare a range of information and interpretations for use at the meeting


Interpret analytical data using appropriate analysis tools and methods.

Data analysis and review presentation


Scrutinize the key systems and data used to inform people practice in relation to measures of work and people performance calculations.


Collate key findings for stakeholders from people practice activities and initiatives.


Measure the impact and value of people practice using a variety of methods