Instructions: You are required to respond to the discussion questions, they are designed to address course topics and course objectives

1.Discussion question one based on chapter one:  There are five pathways for influencing the legal system.  Discuss the role of the expert witness.  Include comments about the three types of expert witness and the impact of Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

2.     Discussion question two based on chapter two: Discuss the prevalence of false confessions and the various types of false confessions.

3.     Discussion question three based on chapter five:  Discuss the characteristics of serial killers and address in your comments the two major types of serial killers.

4.     Discussion question four based on chapter seven:  Discuss how the cross-racial effect, stress, and the weapons focus effect influence eyewitness memory.

5.     Discussion question five based on chapter eight:  Discuss the difference between competency to stand trial, competency to plead guilty, and competence to waive an attorney.

6.     Discussion question six based on chapter eleven:  Identify what a syndrome is and discuss batterer woman syndrome and the cycle of violence.

7.     Discussion question seven based on chapter fifteen:  Discuss risk assessment and the law.