International Perspectives on an Aging Population

First, read the United Nations, 2015 World Population Aging Report (Pages 1-8 summarize the contents of the overall and pages 99-101 provide the conclusions, after reading the full report, refer to these to help guide you in the aspects of population aging that you want to focus upon for your paper).


After reading the report and your textbook

Explain what population aging is and why it is occurring in the industralized Western world. Be sure to include theories of population aging such as demographic transition and specific reasons why the overall populations in advanced societies like Europe, North America, Japan, Australia and New Zealand are aging. The UN report highlights these as ‘demographic drivers’.

In the UN report, it highlighted key challenges of an aging population. Explain and support with scholarly resources the three challenges as they pertain to:

Ageing, poverty and economic growth

Ensuring social protections of older persons

Promoting health and well-being in old age.

Answer: Population aging is a shift in population distribution resulting in a significant rise of medium-aged individuals……