For your final project, you will select a healthcare delivery process gap and the population affected from the list below. Then, you will develop a healthcare
delivery systems research paper.
• Option One: A gap in quality related to care coordination for individuals with chronic illnesses
• Option Two: A gap in equity related to mental health access for veterans
• Option Three: A gap in efficiency related to rising cost of pharmaceuticals for the aging population
This assessment addresses the following course outcomes:
• Draw connections between current healthcare delivery systems and the context in which they were developed
• Describe the impact of economic and regulatory drivers on healthcare delivery systems
• Identify major gaps in access to healthcare for determining areas of opportunity for improved access to quality healthcare
• Explain initiatives targeted at maintaining or improving the health status of specific populations
After choosing the topic for your course project from the options provided in the overview, you will work to develop your healthcare delivery systems research
paper. Within the final research project you will address your chosen gap in access, including existing initiatives in place to address the gap, and economic and regulatory factors that are currently in place to address the gap.