Instructions: Ever wonder why people can not resist temptation? Whether the temptation is buying something new that we can not afford or ditching class to sleep in, these deviant behaviors are linked to one’s ability to delay gratification. This fascinating article and video highlight research on delayed gratification and deviant behaviors. Read the article on the Stanford Marshmallow Study. Then, watch the clip- Marshmallow Study Video:–w 

Respond to the following questions to start an interesting discussion on this topic.

What does this study reveal about deviant behavior?

What does the statement “eat the marshmallow” mean in reference to our culture?

What are some values and norms that promote eating the marshmallow?

What are some values and norms that promote delayed gratification?

How do “people who eat the marshmallow” contribute to social instability?

How can society strive to regain balance?

What are some ways that you have recently eaten the marshmallow?

How have you also delayed gratification?

After reading the details of the study and watching the clip, how will you discipline your children or teach them self control, (if plan on having any children)?