Describe three rate-based measurements of quality, they must relate to some aspect of clinical or service quality that directly relates to patient care or the patient’s experience of care. 

Deconstruct each measure to include descriptions of the following: 

  • The definition of the measure
  • The numerical description of how the measurement is constructed (the numerator/denominator measure counts, the formula used to construct the rate, etc.)
  • Explain how the data for this measure are collected
  • Describe how the measurement is compared externally to other like settings; differentiate between the actual rate and a percentile ranking.
  • Explain whether the measure is risk-adjusted or not.  If so, explain briefly how this is accomplished.
  • Describe how goals might be set for each measure in an aggressive organization, which is seeking to excel in the marketplace.

Describe the importance of each measure to a chosen clinical organization and setting.