• Go to the Healthy People 2020 website and search for Mental Health and Mental Disorders.
  • After reading the Overview section, pick and note 2 objectives/goals from the list that you feel affect your community and explain why these were chosen.
    • As a nurse, what can you do to help the community move towards this goal?
  • Explain how physical health and mental health are correlated
    • What impact does each have on the other?
    • Give at least one detailed example of how either a specific physical ailment leads to a breakdown in mental health or how a specific mental health disorder can lead to physical issues.
  • Explain Trauma-Informed Care in detail.
    • How you can use Trauma Informed Care to assist a child who has been impacted by trauma?

Answer: With mental health challenges and disorders on the rise, the Healthy People 2020 seeks to prevent…….