Question: For this three-part assignment, complete the following, referring to the helpful links in Resources:

Part 1: Graphic Representation of the Data From the Yoga Stress (PSS) Study Data Set

1.      Using the readings, media, and resources discussed to date, create a histogram or bar graph (according to the measurement level of the data) of the following variables: Age, Education, Pre-intervention Psychological Stress Score (PSS).

2.      Using the readings, media, and other resources discussed to date, create a scatter plot of the following pair of variables: Age Versus Pre-intervention Psychological Stress Score (PSS).

Part 2: Statistical Tests

1.      Perform a pre-analysis assumption test for a normal-distribution test to determine if the data you intend to use for the correlation tests passes the assumption of being normally distributed.

o    You will use this test for Age and Pre-intervention Psychological Stress Score (PSS).

1.      Perform the appropriate correlation test to determine the direction and strength or magnitude of the relationship between these two variables from Step 1.

o    Remember, we are not concerned about causation at this point and want to determine only if there is a statistical association.

Part 3: Yoga Stress (PSS) Study Paper

·         Include the histogram and scatter plot graphics you created earlier for Age and Pre-intervention Psychological Stress Score (PSS).

o    Provide an interpretation for these graphics.

·         Report the statistical outcome of the correlation analysis using appropriate scholarly style, including a brief interpretation of the effect size of the correlation.

·         Interpret the practical, real-world meaning (and limitations of the interpretation) of the relationship of these two variables, based on the correlation analysis you performed.

·         Include the SPSS “.sav” output file that shows your programming and results from Parts 1 and 2 for this assignment.