1. Compare and contrast opera with the musical. Attack or defend the following assertion. “The musical is just a modern day version of opera.” Use critical analysis and the key aspects of these forms and the arts more broadly to support and defend your answer.
  2. Identify one of your favorite pieces of music, one that has had a real impact on you. Critical analyze the piece using the concepts from the textbook. Be sure to address those aspects of importance to you.
  3. From your reading, select an opera, watch it, and reflect on the experience. If this is one of your first exposures to opera, perform a critical analysis using the key aspects of this form of art as your basis. If you are familiar with opera then compare and contrast this opera to one of your favorites using the notions of critical analysis and the key aspects of this form.
  4. When movies were first being developed, some imagined that most movies would be little more than the capture of theatre performance on film. We now know that movies are clearly a different experience. Use the notions of genres and critical analysis to compare and contrast movies with theatre to highlight and explain their similarities and differences. Use concrete examples to support your position.
  5. Dance is actually two different art forms. One is an observed performance, such as “Singing in the rain” with Gene Kelly. The other is an interactive performance where you are dancing. These two forms are totally different and yet they are intimately connected. Use critical analysis to explore these two forms and use concrete examples to support your position.