Instructions: For this assignment, you will research and investigate Judaism. You will choose one of the Jewish traditions: Orthodox, Conservative, or Reform. Create an infographic (or another type of visual representation) that provides specific information about the faith tradition you have selected. Your submission should […]

Carbohydrates – Post-lab

Greenriverose is a fake disaccharide composed of a β-D-tagatose and an α-D-allose (in that order) via a β-2,2 glycosidic bond (though tagatose will be on “bottom” of the resulting disaccharide). a). Look up the Fisher structures of D-tagatose and D-allose online.  Draw their Fischer projections […]

Aviation Risk

Answer this question and support your answer with research from reputable sources  Why can’t we completely eliminate risk from  aviation operation?

Discussion Question

Instructions: What formal and informal orientation processes exist in your organization or an organization with which you are familiar? What changes do you recommend making to the current orientation process to improve the effectiveness of the orientation process?

Discussion Question

Instructions: Prior to developing your training exercise, you must analyze your organization to identify room for potential growth. What obstacles or barriers did you come across that made this difficult? How did you determine where growth was needed?


Instructions: What radiographs would be taken to confirm the correct placement of an endotracheal tube? What about neonatal tube placement?

Community Analysis

Instructions: Assess your community’s recreational facilities and activities to determine how well your community provides socially acceptable outlets for aggression. Relate your observations to your text’s contention that “spectator sports, organized by the community allow members of the community to vicariously express feelings of anger […]

Educating the Community

Instructions: How are you going to educate them? There is no technology where you are in sub-Saharan Africa. How will you get the information out to people in remote villages? Are they literate? Is there a language barrier? For this assignment: Create an educational plan […]

Communicable and non-communicable diseases

Instructions: You will be acting as a relief worker for a new public health clinic opening in sub-Saharan Africa to help combat communicable and non-communicable diseases. Address the following in your paper: Determine the major communicable and non-communicable diseases in sub-Saharan Africa. Assess the challenges […]

Advocacy through Legislation

Instructions: Nurses often become motivated to change aspects within the larger health care system based on their real-world experience. As such, many nurses take on an advocacy role to influence a change in regulations, policies, and laws that govern the larger health care system. For […]