Question: For this Critical Thinking assignment, imagine that you are tasked with evaluating a major purchase, a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine, by your healthcare organization. You have been asked to determine which of three options of a capital asset that your company should invest in.You are given the following information for the three options (Option A, Option B, and Option C). All figures are in Saudi riyals – SAR.

For this project, the option you choose is based on your present value (PV) and payback period calculations. You must choose one of the three option choices (A, B, or C). In the event that your calculations are contradictory, you are to determine which method is the most accurate. Be sure to highlight the time value of money as one of your considerations.

Answer: Risk analysis involves investigating reasons for unpredictability in the actions of a company and the uncertainty of the projected revenue stream. It is also the variance of a hospital’s stock profits, the possibility that a project will succeed or fail…….