Instructions: Many individuals think of racism as perpetuated by individual prejudices and attitudes. If individuals do not exhibit overt prejudiced attitudes, they may think of racism as having no impact on their lives. However, ask yourself these questions: do you interact primarily with members of your own race/ethnicity? Did you grow up in a neighborhood or go to school primarily with those of your own race/ethnicity? The answers to these questions may give you a new perspective on the pervasive nature of institutionalized racism.

This week you will continue to learn about the history and present the impact of racism in North America. You will analyze how dominant groups can marginalize and oppress racial and ethnic groups. You will analyze the marginalization of racial and ethnic groups in a social work case study and apply social work skills to this situation. Then you will identify the role of “passing” and privilege in society and social work practice.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Analyze how dominant groups can marginalize minority racial and ethnic groups
  • Apply skills to address needs of immigrants and refugees in a case study
  • Analyze the perpetuation of marginalized status by marginalized groups
  • Analyze the role of “passing” and privilege in society and social work practice