Question: Reason is the process of supporting a claim or conclusion on the basis of evidence. It involves both the disciplined use of intelligence and the application of rules for problem solving. 

Emotion is the experience of feelings such as happiness, grief, or fear, as opposed to cognitive states of consciousness.

Emotion in Critical Thinking

1.  Provide an example of when you have used reason to assist with critical thinking and discuss how it affected the outcome of the situation 

2. Provide an example of when emotion has had an effect (either positively or negatively) on your critical thinking. Discuss how emotions either positively or negatively affected the outcome of the situation.

3. According to the self-evaluation, which communication style (or styles) do you have? Discuss which of the communication styles you feel best describes you and why? 

4. How is your critical thinking influenced by knowing what type of communicator you and others are?