Question: Describe your in-groups and your out-groups.  Give an example of how your in-group has influenced the way that you see the world. Give an example of how your out-group either changed or reinforced your view of the world.

2.       What leadership style or styles do you respond to in a positive way?  What type of leader is most effective in today’s bureaucratic environment?  As the group leader, how would you lead your team or group through a project?

3.       Select a deviant behavior with which you are personally familiar (your behavior (s) or something that you know someone did) and choose one of the theoretical perspectives to analyze what happened.

4.       Describe a broken social rule that you observed.  What was the reaction of others?  Why did people react in that manner? What was your response to the situation and other’s reactions? 

Answer: My ingroup is Christian which guides me in following the teachings of the bible…….