1. The Renaissance included the creation of a “middle class” with enough resources to have “free time” and assets to purchase things in order to enjoy during that free time. Identify the impact of the emergence of the middle class on two different forms of art, explain the change that occurred (e.g. purpose, form, function, aesthetics) and support your position with evidence and a well-written justification.
  2. The true nature of the world as a globe became much more commonly understand and travel around the world grew. Often the arrival of foreigners to the Americas resulted in destruction if not the acceleration of the decline of entire civilization. Identify at least two relatively unique forms of art from the Americas that survived the arrival of the Europeans, describe them both formally and critically and why these forms survived (e.g. what special purpose they played that enabled the survival).
  3. While large portions of the world opened up to the outside world during this period, Japan stayed rather isolated. Identify two various art forms that are uniquely Japanese from the period prior to Japan being opened to the West by Commodore Perry. Describe and critically analyze these two forms and why you conclude they are “uniquely Japanese”.
  4. Compare and contrast the Baroque with the Rococo styles and at least one other significant style from the period. Identify what you consider to be the best examples of each, use your critical analysis skills to describe, compare, and contrast them, and indicate which, if any, are responses to various historical events or cultural changes.
  5. The Renaissance is typically defined in terms of the work of da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Raphael. Identify the work of another artist that you believe was just as gifted (but maybe not as influential) as these named masters, that you believe deserves more recognition. Use your critical analysis and formal skills to classify (in terms of media, style, genre, etc.) as well as discuss the work (in terms of formal qualities and purpose) of this artist and why you believe the artist’s standing should be raised.