Active Listening/Connection Sculpture and Architecture

Part 1: Architecture or Sculpture Select one specific sculpture or building (architecture) discussed from the week’s classes and give a description of the piece, paying attention to the specific details.  Be sure to list all essential aspects like title and artist and date, but go beyond […]

Researcher positionality as a doctoral-level qualitative researcher

Using reflective writing as a critical thinking process, consider your researcher positionality as a doctoral-level qualitative researcher and offer a reflective discussion that encompasses four to five paragraphs. Reflect on the gains and challenges in this course experience, and evaluate the current state of your […]

Study design

Instructions: Research the ethical and legal concerns of clinical research in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  What aspects of clinical research design helps to protect the human subjects? What are the best practices of creating an informed consent?  Finally, create an informed consent form and […]