Antipsychotic Side Effects

Instructions: As effective as antipsychotic medications can be, they can also have serious side effects. In this discussion, you will identify potential side effects associated with antipsychotic medications (both first- and second-generation antipsychotics). Based on the first initial of your last name, address the following […]

Patient Preferences and Decision Making

Instructions: Changes in culture and technology have resulted in patient populations that are often well informed and educated, even before consulting or considering a healthcare need delivered by a health professional. Fueled by this, health professionals are increasingly involving patients in treatment decisions. However, this […]

Evidence base in policy making

Instructions: In this discussion, you will identify a recently proposed health policy and share your analysis of the evidence in support of this policy. To Prepare: Review the Congress website provided in the Resources and identify one recent (within the past 5 years) proposed health […]

Discussion question

Instructions: When politics and medical science intersect, there can be much debate. Sometimes anecdotes or hearsay are misused as evidence to support a particular point. Despite these and other challenges, however, evidence-based approaches are increasingly used to inform health policy decision-making regarding causes of disease, […]

Queueing system

Instructions: In this discussion, you apply a queueing system to processes from your personal experience. Consider processes either from work or your personal life. Describe how you would model them considering the components of a queueing system (as outlined in this week’s chapter of the […]

Forecasting methods

Instructions: In this discussion, you analyze the use of forecasting methods. How does your organization use forecasting? Does your organization use any of the methods we discussed in class? Give examples of how your organization utilizes these methods and evaluates their accuracy. Answer: Forecasting for […]

Leadership Profile

Instructions: Do you believe you have the traits to be an effective leader? Perhaps you are already in a supervisory role, but as has been discussed previously, the appointment does not guarantee leadership skills. How can you evaluate your own leadership skills and behaviors? You […]

Project Management

Instructions: In this Discussion, you create a project plan based on a project from your life, then apply the Critical Path Method (CPM). Identify the activities of a project from your personal life. Estimate the time required for each activity and the immediate predecessor(s) for […]

Interaction Between Nurse Informaticists and Other Specialists

Instructions: Nature offers many examples of specialization and collaboration. Ant colonies and bee hives are but two examples of nature’s sophisticated organizations. Each thrives because their members specialize by tasks, divide labor, and collaborate to ensure food, safety, and general well-being of the colony or […]