What Shaped Western Culture

Instructions: What shaped Western culture in the period 1300-1550 more: the Black Death’s emphasis on the afterlife (the hereafter) or the Renaissance’s emphasis on human achievement (the here and now)? Choose one of these and explain your perspective. Start with a statement identifying your choice; […]

Where in the World Is Evidence-Based Practice?

Question: March 21, 2010, was not EBP’s date of birth, but it may be the date the approach “grew up” and left home to take on the world. When the Affordable Care Act was passed, it came with a requirement of empirical evidence. Research on […]

Ethical standards

Question: Select only 1 of the following focal questions to answer to help formulate your thesis statement:  Businesses can have ethical standards, but businesses are not moral agents. Do you agree or disagree?Is it true that the “bottom line” of a business is profit and profit alone?In […]