What Shaped Western Culture

Instructions: What shaped Western culture in the period 1300-1550 more: the Black Death’s emphasis on the afterlife (the hereafter) or the Renaissance’s emphasis on human achievement (the here and now)? Choose one of these and explain your perspective. Start with a statement identifying your choice; […]

Race-Ethnicity and Education

DQ-1:  Minimum word count is 150 words Some typical agents of socialization are: family, school, religion, friends, relatives, and mass media. What agents of socialization have influenced you the most? Describe their influence on your attitudes, beliefs, values, or other orientations to life. How have […]

Benchmark – Ethical Dilemmas

Question: In this assignment, you will analyze the implications of an ethical issue according to the Christian worldview. You will be challenged to think about Christian worldview core beliefs and apply what you have learned over this course. This will be a thorough analysis of […]

Pop Culture and Tensions in Religion and Science

Question: Define spirituality from an individual/personal world view and inquires how our conceptual understanding of health care influences how we care for our patients. I have found that there are three tensions involving the interactions between religion and science that can profoundly impact how we […]

Human sexuality

Question: How would research on sexuality benefit various groups, religions, and cultures? How could research on sexuality benefit society? Explain your response.  Answer: Research on human sexuality would help reveal the reasons for various sexual orientations…….