For this assignment, you will answer the following questions.

  1. At what extent do individuals with varying cultural values perceive the term \”education\” in reflection to learning and obtaining knowledge?
  2. What are the expected roles of teaching in terms of meeting the needs of parents, students, and the community?
  3. What are the expected contributions of parents toward supporting education for students?
  4. Describe in detail the technology you would like to incorporate into your classroom.
  5. A) How do you think technology has changed the classroom? B) Has technology improved the classroom?
  6. A) Why do people cheat in online courses? B) Explain why technology has increased cheating in the classroom. C) Who does (online) cheating cheat? Explain student vs. teacher.
  7. How do you believe educators should be proactive in dealing with students being exposed to unacceptable content on the Internet?