Locate research studies in the healthcare field that have data presented as charts.

With Topics: why is obesity a higher risk with patients infected with COVID-19?

Analyze and discuss the graph or chart you have chosen. (Note – it is highly recommended that you choose a graph or chart in a journal article for your research topic, as a graph or chart is required in the final week 8 research poster).

1.     Paste an image of the graph or chart into your paper

o   State the name of the graph or chart

o   State the title/author/description of the study and chart

o   Include a citation under the graph and in the References page.

2.     In a 2- to 3-page paper, evaluate the data you found:

o   What is the overall study or data about?

o   What is the title of the chart that correlates with the study?

o   Which type of chart is used to present the data, and why do you think it was chosen?

o   Define the variables and major findings from the data.

o   Have there been updates to findings of this data, and if so, who made them and are they reliable?

o   What did you learn about data presentation from your analysis that could be useful in your career or future research?

Your chart analysis should be at least two to three pages long and follow APA formatting and citation.